What Basketball Is

What Basketball Is

Before you start basketball betting online at Parimatch, we would like to tell you about the rules of the game and the sport itself.

Basketball is a rather famous Olympic sport in which two teams of 5 take part. The purpose of each team is to throw the ball into the basket of the opponent more times than the other team will do in a given time.

The sport originally appeared in the United States in 1891, and it was not like the basketball that is played today. Ten years after the creation of the game, the Americans organized a demonstration tour at the Olympics in St. Louis, and already in 1946, the first Basketball Association of America appeared. For a long time, the sport had been growing, and in 1989, professional basketball players got a chance to compete internationally against other countries.

Since its establishment, the rules of the game changed drastically. In the beginning, there was never any question of ball-handling or any rules at all. But by 2004 a final version of the rules of basketball was formed, and below we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this sport. And then you can start betting on basketball at the Parimatch bookmaker company with full confidence. So, here are the basics that you need to know:

  1. The first important thing to know about the game is how many players are on the team and how many play on the field. In basketball teams, there are 12 people, 5 of which take to the field and the rest are substitutes.
  2. Ball handling. Players who have possess the ball on the field of play should move around the field hitting the ball on the floor. In other cases, if the player hold the ball too long or if he kicks deliberately to the ball during a match, this is a violation of the Laws of the Game.
  3. How many periods and halves do a basketball match consist of? A match consists of 4 halves or periods, but the time for halves depends on the basketball association the team plays under. In general, the time given for one half is from 10 to 12 minutes.
  4. How many and which shots are points for the team? If the ball is thrown into the basket at the free throw, the team receives 1 point. If the ball is thrown from close or mid-range closer to the 3-point line, the team scores 2 points. If the ball is thrown at the 3-point line, the team receives 3 points.
  5. What is overtime, and when is it awarded? Overtime is an extra time during a match to determine the winner if both teams play to a draw. Overtime lasts 5 minutes, and if the teams tie again at the end of overtime, another overtime will be scheduled, and so on until one of the teams wins.

Table of upcoming events

After we introduced you about a sport like a basketball in more detail, we would like to tell you about the upcoming events and dates. Below, you can find all the latest information about upcoming basketball tournaments and matches available for betting on the Parimatch betting company website.

Washington Wizards vs Los Angeles ClippersJanuary 27th
Detroit Pistons vs Denver NuggetsJanuary 27th
Philadelphia 76ers vs New Orleans PelicansJanuary 27th
Toronto Raptors vs Charlotte HornetsJanuary 27th
Boston Celtics vs Sacramento KingsJanuary 27th
Brooklyn Nets vs Los Angeles LakersJanuary 27th
Houston Rockets vs San Antonio SpursJanuary 27th
Portland Trail Blazers vs Minnesota Timberwolves January 27th
Golden State Warriors vs Dallas MavericksJanuary 27th

How to Bet on Basketball

The most important question we would like to answer is “how to bet on Basketball at Parimatch betting company”. Undoubtedly, betting on any sporting event is very interesting and exciting, but when it comes to betting on the Parimatch website, there is no doubt that this is the best bookmaker where you can and even should bet in India. There are hundreds of offers and a lot of options for betting on the official website, and we will give you detailed instructions on how to bet on basketball below, so you won’t have any problems when you read them.


Go to the official website of the Parimatch bookmaker company using any browser convenient for you.


Register your gaming account on the site if you are a new Parimatch user. If you were already registered, just sign in with personal information that you specified during registration.


On the main page after registration, find the list of sports disciplines, and choose basketball there.


After that, you will have to choose the league you want to bet on. Select the league you want and proceed to the next step.


Choose the event you would like to bet on.


Choose any payment system and fill in personal information. Specify the amount you want to bet and confirm the transfer. You can deposit in rupees.

After that, you will have to wait for the match and watch its outcome, which will determine whether you win or not.

Types of Bets on Basketball Events

Types of Bets on Basketball Events

Ordinary bets on basketball are, of course, interesting and exciting, but the bookmaker company Parimatch can offer you more profitable and no less interesting varieties of bets. So, in addition to the classic bets, the site offers bets of the type “P1 X P2” and “P1 P2”. In the first version, you can bet on a draw in regulation time, and in the second case, if there is a draw, the winner is determined in overtime.

Also, Handicap bets are available. When making these kinds of bets, the difference in the score in favor of a particular team is taken into account. All you need to make a bet is to determine whether the difference in the score will be lower or higher than a certain figure between the two teams. That is, if you make a bet with a handicap of 4.5, the team must win by no more than 5 points.

Teams with Basketball Rankings in 2022 

Now we would like to show the ranking of the top 7 teams in 2022 that will be competing in basketball games. In the table below you can find all the information about the ranking of the teams.

Miami Heat#1
Chicago Bulls#2
Brooklyn Nets#3
Milwaukee Bucks#4
Cleveland Cavaliers#5
Philadelphia 76ers#6
Charlotte Hornets#7

Odds of Winning Basketball Teams 2022 

After we have introduced you to the top 7 teams, we would like to indicate the possible odds of winning between some of the teams as a percentage.

Korean KBL1.28, 16, 4.1
WKBL1.97, 14, 1.95
NBA1.25, 17, 4.4

Tips for Betting on Basketball 2022

Tips for Betting on Basketball 2022

When betting on any major sporting event, it is important to be confident about winning. For you to bet more accurately on basketball, we have prepared basketball betting tips 2022. You can read about them below.

  1. The most important thing to know when betting on basketball is to know the team you are betting on. Before you start betting, take a look at the team’s lineup, how many times they have won in a season, and how many goals they have scored. These and some other factors will help you decide which team you want to bet on.
  2. The second thing to consider is the odds on this or that team. It is best to bet on a team that has high odds.
  3. Watch the analysis of the match and the match itself. If you bet in the Live mode you can follow everything that happens on the field and make bets following the course of the match. If you missed the match you can find out if your team won or lost on the official Parimatch website.
  4. Know your basketball. This is probably one of the biggest tips because a lot of people try to bet on basketball without knowing a lot about the sport. If you are not sure you understand the ins and outs of basketball, then it is best not to bet.

Parimatch Betting App for Basketball

Parimatch Betting App for Basketball

If you cannot bet on the basketball betting site of Parimatch for any reason or if you simply don’t feel comfortable basketball betting 2022 through the PC, Parimatch has great news for you. We have a basketball betting app. It makes betting much easier and more comfortable, and the availability of sporting events is no different from the PC version of the website. The basketball betting app in India allows you to watch the matches live and bet on basketball leagues and games. You can download the basketball betting app real money on the official website, it takes very little time to register and is a great way to start enjoying basketball betting for money.

Bonus for Basketball Betting

Bonus for Basketball Betting

The official website of Parimatch has a bonus for those who bet on Basketball and with it, you can get a 31% cashback up to Rs 6,000. To get it, you will need to register your account at the official website of Parimatch and make bets on basketball teams from Rs 200 with odds not lower than 1.20. If you lose out on promotional bets, Parimatch will refund part of the amount spent in the form of bonus funds.


  • Are there any cyber sports games in basketball?

    Yes, Parimatch does have eSports matches, and you can bet on them. All eSports matches can be followed live and are available in the same section on the website.

  • Are all basketball tournaments and matches available in the Parimatch mobile app?

    Yes, all the tournaments, leagues, and basketball matches you can bet on are available. Also, you will be able to watch the basketball games live in your app, in the live betting section.

  • Do I have to be a new Parimatch member to activate my basketball bonus?

    No, the bonus is available to new and returning Parimatch members. All you have to do is to bet on teams of Rs 200 or more with odds of at least 1.20.

  • Can I see the basketball match analysis on the official Parimatch website?

    Yes, all you need to do is click on the “A” icon in the basketball betting section. It is between the two teams that have a match coming up.