Public Offer Agreement

This agreement on gambling service provision at the web-site is signed between  an individual using gambling services at the web-site (hereinafter referred to as the “Player”) and the company PMSPORT N.V. (hereinafter referred to as the “Pari-Match”), registered and operating under the laws of Curacao as one party,(hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”).

This Agreement is effective for cases, is public, and includes provisions of the adhesion agreement.

1. The Subject of the Agreement.

1.1. Services on participation of Player in the list of bets

1.1.1. In accordance with the current procedures of gaming Rules approved by the Pari-Match (hereinafter – the “Rules”) posted at, the Pari-Match provides the Player with the services on participation of Player in the list of bets. The English version of the said Rules shall prevail  in case the Rules are presented in non-English language, 

1.1.2. The Pari-Match offers the Player an opportunity to manage gaming account on the website on the Internet ( and create betting odds.

1.2. Services on participation in other games on the website

1.2.1. In accordance with the current procedure approved by the Pari-Match, which is provided for each game in tab “How to play?” (hereinafter – the “Gaming Rules”), the Pari-Match provides the Player with the services on participation of the Player in other games presented on the website

1.3. Rules and Gaming Rules are the part of this Agreement.  The provisions of this Agreement shall prevail in case of conflict between the provisions of the Rules and/or the Gaming Rules and this Agreement.

1.4. The provisions of this Agreement apply to services on participation in other games on the website and to the services on participation of the Player in the list of bets.

1.5. The Player is deemed as he has accepted the terms and conditions of this Agreement upon the registration of the Player on the Pari-Match’s web-site on the Internet ( , and became familiar with the Rules and Gaming Rules in full. The Player is deemed to have agreed to play in accordance therewith,  and agrees with the e-mail and SMS notifications about new services, as well the Player agrees with all the Pari-Match’s rates of charges and commission rates for the transfer of funds,

2. The Rights and Obligations of the Parties.

2.1. The Pari-Match shall:

2.1.1. Register the Player and provide him a special number of the gaming account.

2.1.2. Grant the Player with the capacity to supervise a gaming account.

2.1.3. Maintain confidentiality of information on the Player acquired during the registration, the Player’s gaming results and the payment settlements with him, placed bets, and other information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act, Curacao 2013.

2.1.4. Provide the Player with the 24-hour technical support via telephone “hot line” and email.

2.2. The Pari-Match has the right to:

2.2.1. In case if the Player fails to fulfill the provisions of this Agreement or the Rules/Gaming Rules,  suspend the provision of services.

2.2.2. Unilaterally amend the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Pari-Match doesn’t send to the Player additional notifications on amendments in Rules/Gaming Rules, and the Agreement. The player has to follow the relevant amendments himself.

2.3. The Player shall:

2.3.1. Receive a comprehensive explanation on all ambiguous matters by reading himself Rules/Gaming Rules.

2.3.2. Keep confidential the access password and  the number of his gaming account. The Pari-Match is not responsible for any claim in the case Player provides his username, password or account number to another person.  Regardless of whether they were authorized by the Player, all the transactions made using the correct name and password and/or account number, will be considered as valid. 

2.4. The Player has the right to:

2.4.1. In accordance with the Rules/Gaming Rules, receive a complete list of bets from the Pari-Match 

2.4.2. After notifying us in advance by email that was sent from the registered email address, and after authorization on the website, the client has the right to unilaterally refuse the game with Parimatch once every 90 days. After the final settlements, the account will be blocked.

The player can re-submit a request to refuse the game in exceptional cases, but not less than thirty (30) days after the previous request. The company maintains the right to refuse to block the account again.

2.4.3.  In the manner prescribed by the Rules/Gaming Rules, set limits of the gaming account on the maximum size of bets and funds spent or submit self-exclusion from the game at own discretion.

3. The Settlement Procedure.

3.1. All settlements are made in accordance with the applicable Rules/Gaming Rules. The Player’s country of residence or country, where Player is located in the moment of receiving of Pari-Match services determines all the Pari-Match’s rates of charges and commission rates for the transfer of monetary funds. The Rules/Gaming Rules specify all the Pari-Match’s rates of charges and commission rates for the transfer of funds are specified in 

3.2. The Player is responsible for keeping of settlement documents and the correctness of his payments.

3.3. The actual receipt of funds at the accounts of PMSPORT N.V. shall mean the fact of payment.

3.4. In case the Customer account has been blocked due to fraudulent or other illegal actions of the Player, the rest on his gaming account is transferred by the Pari-Match to individuals affected by such actions of the Player, or for charity contributions.

3.5. The payment to Player is carried out under the procedure prescribed by the Rules/Gaming Rules in case of technical problems with the Pari-Match’s settlement system.

3.6. The Player does not receive credit for gaming transactions from the Pari-Match.

3.7. The same gaming account is used for services on participation of Player in the list of bets and for services on participation in other games on the website

4. Special Conditions and Responsibilities of the Parties.

4.1. In case the Player disclosed the account number and password for accessing it, the Pari-Match is not responsible for the safety of funds at the gaming account.

4.2. In case of temporary technical problems with the server and electronic communication channels, which may cause the inability of the Player to use the Pari-Match’s service, the Pari-Match is not liable for lost profits.

4.3. The Pari-Match does not hold responsibility for the quality of operations of the financial and technical partners and agents.

4.4. At the request of government agencies, the Pari-Match is not responsible for the provision of information on the Player acquired during the registration, placed bets, the Player’s gaming results and the payments settlements with him. For the purposes of assessing his financial solvency or selecting of marketing products and services for him, the Player allows the Pari-Match to collect, store and use personal data.

4.5. The Player assumes in full all risks associated with the use of the Internet, telephone lines, and other means of communication.

4.6. The Player is fully responsible for the password for accessing the gaming account and its safety.

4.7. The Player’s registration shall presume his full satisfaction with the security features employed  by the PMSPORT N.V.

4.8. The Player’s registration shall presume that the Player assures:

4.8.1. Under the law of residence country or the law of the country, where Player is located in the moment of receiving of Pari-Match services, the Player confirms that he has reached the age of 18 and has the right to receive services provided by the Pari-Match.

4.8.2. The Player is the rightful owner of funds that he transfers to his gaming account.

4.9. The Player grants the Pari-Match his consent to verify his country of residence or country, where Player is located in the moment of receiving of Pari-Match services, age, as well as the identification of Player’s personality.

4.10. The Player makes sure that all the information granted by him to the Pari-Match is true.

4.11. The English version of the said Rules shall prevail in case the Rules are presented in non-English language.

4.12. The Pari-Match may block the Player’s gaming account and investigate the Player’s actions in accordance with the Rules/Gaming Rules in case the Pari-Match finds out that the Player has not reached the age of 18, and in case of detection of any fraudulent or other illegal activities on the part of the Player.

4.13.The Pari-Match does not provide services in the territory of the countries with legislation forbidding consumption of online services provided on web-site, in particular in the territory of the following countries: Estonia, France, the Republic of Cyprus, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Italy, USA, Israel, Singapore, Kahnawae Mohawk Territory (Canada).

The Pari-Match hereby informs that Singapore law bans the provision of the remote gambling services to customers who are physically present in Singapore. Despite the above provisions in this Section, Pari-Match is not obliged tot: (i) inform the Player about existence or content of provisions of the legislation forbidding consumption of online services which are provided on web-site, and (ii) advice on such issues.

4.14. At the moment of receiving online services from Pari-Match, the Player hereby guarantees that

(a) As specified in Section 4.13 of this Agreement, he/she is not physically present in the territory of any of the countries;

(b) At the moment of receiving services from Pari-Match, he/she is observing legislation of the country of the Player’s citizenship and/or of the country in the territory of which the Player is present, in relation to the right or ban to consume the services provided on web-site

4.15. In connection with payment of taxes or other compulsory charges from the revenues received from the Pari-Match, the Player shall independently carry out actions that may be required by the provisions of the legislation of the country of the Player’s tax residence and/or of the country, in which the Player is located at the moment of receiving a winning. The Pari-Match shall not advice on such issues and shall not inform the Player about existence or content of such provisions of the legislation.

5. Force Majeure.

5.1. In the case of force majeure circumstances (circumstances of insuperable force, which are beyond the will of the parties to the Agreement,  including the actions of public authorities, which make it impossible for the Parties to fulfill their obligations hereunder, as well as fire, flood, other natural disasters,), the Parties agreed that the Parties are exempted from their obligations under this Agreement for the duration of the circumstances mentioned. 

Each Party has the right to terminate this Agreement and shall not be liable for such termination in cases the effect of the mentioned circumstances lasts more than for 30 (thirty) calendar days, provided that it notifies the other Party at least 15 (fifteen) days prior to the termination. A document issued by the Chamber of Commerce is a sufficient proof of force majeure. The Pari-Match’s refusal to pay back funds from Player’s gaming account should not result from the rise of the mentioned circumstances.

6. Claims and Dispute Resolution Procedure.

6.1. The Player’s claims are taken into consideration by the Pari-Match no later than 10 (ten) calendar days after the date when such dispute arose and only in writing.  30 (thirty) calendar days is the period for consideration of Player’s claims.

6.2. Only if the Player possesses the relevant financial documents confirming the payment of placed bet, the consideration of claims by the Pari-Match is made.

6.3. (The Curaçao court or by Antillephone N.V, which is authorized and regulated by the Government of Curaçao, according to the laws of Curaçao. Antillephone N.V., addresses the disputes arising with respect to this Agreement. Plaintiffs should send their emails to   [email protected])

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1. All the sounds, pictures, videos, design elements, text, graphics, music, and their selection and disposition on the Pari-Match’s website (, as well as the compilations of the  source codes, software,  software and all other materials are subjects to the protection of proprietary rights which are either owned by the Pari-Match or used by the Pari-Match under license issued by the third parties, being their owners, and copyright. The extent to which any materials can be downloaded or printed, the individual parts can be printed for personal and non-commercial purposes of the Player,  and such materials can also be downloaded to a single personal computer.

7.2. The usage of the Pari-Match’s services does not entitle the Player to any intellectual property rights (e.g., know-how or trademarks, copyrights) owned by the Pari-Match or any other third party.

7.3. The Player has no right to do or allow other person to publish, rent, license, copy, store, sell, distribute, modify, add, delete, destruct or disrupt the operation of the website ( or any of its sections in any way, as well as directly or indirectly interfere or disrupt with the operations of the web-site ( (or plan such actions) or modify it, except when it occurs in the course of using or viewing the website ( according to the Rules/Gaming Rules.

8. Conclusion and Termination of the Agreement.

8.1. When the Player registers online at, that moment shall be considered as the moment of concluding the Agreement.

8.2. When the Pari-Match notifies the Player with the confirmation of all the final settlements, the moment of termination of the Agreement is considered the final moment.

8.3. No assignment of Player’s obligations hereunder is permitted. A Player may not assign any rights or obligations hereunder to any other person or entity, as well as his obligations under this Agreement.

8.4. The Pari-Match reserves the right to transfer or assign rights and obligations under this Agreement in part without notifying the Player or in whole, provided any such transfer would be or terms as a favorable for the Player, or on the same terms.

8.5. The Parties shall be guided by the laws of Curacao in all matters not covered by this Agreement 8.6. At the website, Pari-Match provides services on participation of Player in the list of services and bets on participation in other games according to gambling license granted to PMSPORT N.V. under legislation of Curacao.

Main / About company

Parimatch is a betting company, which started its history in 1996.

This small betting company has transformed into an international gaming network of more than 400 business units after more than 15 years . Our offices operate in Russia, Tanzania, Cyprus, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

We strive for continuous and proactive improvement of technologies of providing services, as one of the leaders in the CIS in the gambling business, expanding the list of leagues and championships, increasing the number of daily sporting events, as well as games and entertainments.

Parimatch is a time-proved, reliable betting company where you can always place a winning bet on the championship, favorite sport, or football club. Parimatch provides Live-in-Play betting,  betting 24 hours a day, statistics and analytics, as well as current sports news and tournament tables.

More than 200 leagues and 600 sporting events every day, 20 sports and 60 countries, on which you can place a bet. We strive to be better.And this is not the limit.

One of our main goals is the continuous enhancement and development of our services and features we can offer you.


1. General Provisions

1.1. The website provides on-line betting service, which is:

  • registration of users betting accounts;
  • payment of funds from the betting accounts and crediting of funds to the users betting accounts;
  • in compliance with the operating Rules of Play, enables the users to make the stakes at the expense of the betting account balance;
  • enables the users to manage their accounts and provides the users with the 24-hour-a-day access to their betting accounts.

1.2. The Security Policy lists the rules that govern operations with the personal information of users. The company ensures compliance to the norms both by the financial agents that conduct financial transaction and users.

2. Operations with personal information about the users of the system

2.1. Information about the users is collected in order to:

  • Arrange safe transactions with accounts of different payment systems and clients bank cards.
  • To clarify any matters, have a hot-link with the user.
  • Prevent any fiddling with users betting accounts.

2.2. At the stage of registration of clients betting account in the company’s system, information about the users is accumulated 

2.3. The user has to tender the following information to register:

  • name, surname as stated in the identity card;
  • residence address;
  • email address;
  • contact number;
  • a scanned copy of an identity document with photo confirming the identification card;
  • the user needs to provide his Webmoney purse identification (the user shall not be able to change this identification later on his own) to work with Webmoney payment system;
  • the user needs to provide his Webmoneybookers account identification (the user shall not be able to change this identification later on his own) to work with Moneybookers payment system;

2.4. Parimatch never cooperates with anonymous users.

2.5. Only after it has been confirmed that the owner of the betting account in the company is the owner of the accounts in the payment systems, the company and its financial agents conduct all financial transactions . Regardless of the relationship degree, other persons are barred both from sending and getting any money orders.

2.6. It is forbidden any money ordering between betting accounts.

2.7. The user has the right to register only one betting account within the company’s system.

2.8. In the manner he had credited the funds, the user has the right to withdraw funds from his account. The client may shift to a different payment system to work with his account, but the balance of the betting account and the stakes sum in play-off need to equal 0.

2.9. The company’s system automatically protocols the information from the user’s browser, including IP-address.

2.10 With his account on his registered e-mail, the user may receive notification on active operations.

2.11. The information about user may not be disclosed as it is confidential, neither can it be sold or transferred to a third party.

3. Pledging of security

3.1. The password entered by the client when registering Access to the users protects betting accounts. This password enables the user to place bets and provides access to information about the betting account.

3.2. The user registers another password to conduct active transactions with the account (money withdrawal, change of personal data, etc.). This password may be the answer to a secret question known only to the owner of the account

3.3. The system for data transfer uses the standard SSL-encryption with key length of 256 bit. The international certificating agency Thawte Consulting has provided this certificate.

3.4. All transactions with clients bank cards are conducted on the specially protected page that has PCI DSS certificate with special access system and belongs to the processing system.

3.5. The company’s personnel cannot access the clients bank cards data 

4. The company’s system has the right to:

  • In case the fraud is suspected, refuse to conduct transactions until the opposite is proved.
  • In case he attempts to damage the system or harm other users, block the user.
  • In case the personal data are incorrect or incomplete, refuse to conduct transactions.
  • On condition the users are informed on the amendments, amend the Security Policy 

We value our  loyalty of customers, who trust us with their free time and money, and our name.

Parimatch makes every possible and impossible effort to protect the information provided and respects the right of privacy of its customers.

Unauthorized access from the outside to our site is impossible due to strong protection.

Betting company Parimatch takes your personal data exclusively for our common needs. For example, for securing your funds, processing your bets, as well as informing you about our new products and features.

Your e-mail address that you specify during registration will only be used to obtain important messages,  information,  and forgotten passwords. Third parties cannot access your data.

In turn, you should not disclose your password,  the number of your betting account in the Parimatch network,  or any other data to anyone.

Together we will make our cooperation safe and pleasant.

This text will be updated if our privacy policy changes. From time to time, we recommend checking it for updates.


In the world of gambling, we understand the responsibility that the betting company bears.

We would like you to realize that casino, betting, poker, and the rest of our products are entertainments in the first place.

Betting company Parimatch opens up the way to the gambling world for you.

To make cooperation with the bookmaker beneficial and satisfactory, we would like to offer you some tips:

  1. Avoid betting or playing under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  2. If you are depressed or have a bad mood, do not sit down to play.
  3. Freshen yourself up and relax, make some breaks during the game to distract.

The assignable result is not official information and has informative character.

You should better check the final results on official pages.

Betting company Parimatch is not responsible for the accuracy of the current match result.