What is volleyball?

What is volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that was invented in 1895 in the United States of America (USA). This is an unusual sport that was created to eliminate physical contact between athletes to avoid injury. 

This sport is played by 12 athletes, divided into two teams of six players. The game begins with the submission of one of the teams, which throws the game ball into the opponent’s court. After serving, the team that received the ball can hit the ball up to three times, always by different players, and throw the ball again to the other side of the field where the other team is playing. 
A point in volleyball is declared when a team touches the ball more than three times, when it hits the net, leaves the field of play, or when it touches the ground in the defensive midfield of a certain team.

Table of Upcoming Events and Dates

Follow the upcoming events to stay up-to-date! In this table, you will see the schedule of volleyball tournaments.

FIVBFIVB Volleyball Nations League – Men07/06 To 10/07MenVolleyball Nations League
FIVBFIVB Volleyball Nations League Finals Women13/07 To 17/07WomenVolleyball Nations League

FIVBCoppa Italia 202216/01 To 06/03MenNational League
FIVBFIVB Volleyball Nations League Finals Men20/07 To 24/07MenVolleyball Nations League
FIVBFIVB Volleyball Women’s World Championship Netherlands – Poland 202223/09 To 15/10WomenWorld Championship

How to Bet on Volleyball?


First, we need to find a volleyball court in the sports segment. Therefore, select a sports category from the top panel.


Now you will have several sports moments in the central part of the screen. Since volleyball usually does not highlight matches, we need to use the menu located on the left side of the site. Just choose a direction.


From now on, we are in the category of volleyball games. Then the Parimatch will display all the leagues with games open for that day. Thus, we will finally get access to the games of our volleyball championship.


Finally, we can confirm our bet on the match. To do this, select the desired option. Thus, the Parimatch will open a side window with information related to your choice.


To complete the process of volleyball betting for money, we need to enter the amount we want to bet and confirm it by clicking the green BET button. Done! Your wager is confirmed.

Types of Bets on Volleyball Events

Types of Bets on Volleyball Events

Volleyball is considered an easy-to-understand sport. There are few game options inside the court. When it comes to volleyball betting online, the range of betting markets is quite high. You can place various types of bets on points and sets. It is also possible to place a bet on the winner of a competition or match, or on specific issues within the game.

Money line

This is the simplest bet. Your guess will be who will win the match. It is important to note that there is no draw in volleyball. For this reason, you will not find the 1X2 market in bookmakers.

Set a handicap

In volleyball, there is usually a very favorite team, especially in international matches. In such cases, the chances of moneyline may be low. Which turns out to be unattractive for some players. The alternative is to use a handicap! You can apply a handicap to the favorite to slightly increase its coefficient and make a bet more valuable.

Total Sets of Matches

The sum of sets is defined as “More/Less volleyball.” You can bet, for example, that the game will be below 4.5 or above 4.5.

In this case, a higher bet means that you believe that there will be an extra set in the game. 

The correct score of sets or games

You can try to guess what the correct score will be for each set. Even in games with a super favorite on one side, it is difficult to predict the exact number of points in a set. When the confrontation is “caught” and “sweaty”, there are no amenities for the bettor either.

The correct account is a less risky alternative. A more “simple” option is to bet on the result of the whole game, as we see in the image above.

The winner of each set

Instead of betting on the winner of the entire match, you can only bet on who wins each set. This is an option when we have 2 very strong teams.

The probability of getting into an additional set is higher. At the same time, the volleyball betting odds may also be higher.

Sets with the same amount

Sets with the same total of volleyballs. This often happens in volleyball: 2 games have the same total number of points. By the way, this is the market version of Total Points. Since this is a less common phenomenon in sports, it is likely that bookmakers will offer interesting odds in this market.

This is an opportunity for you to try to determine if these odds match the real odds. If you study volleyball and know the teams at the event well, you will have the tools to beat the bookmaker!

Consecutive sets won by the team

Here, you can bet that team A or team B will win 2 sets in a row or not. A simple and even relatively “light” market. The premise of focusing on a match with very different teams applies here.

The team wins the match due to a disadvantage

In this market, you bet that the team will win the match after it starts losing the game. In fact, this is a bet on the turn. This move can be a losing 1 or 2 sets. If it’s 2 sets, the chances will be higher.

The winner of the contest

After Moneyline, this is probably the most common volleyball market. Just choose a tournament and one of its teams and bet that it will win.

There are several volleyball tournaments that you can bet on. Official competitions are organized by the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) and can be divided into two separate categories: competitions that take place every four years and annual competitions (created since 1990). The continental confederations also organize volleyball competitions.
Among the main international competitions, we will highlight tournaments held every four years: the Olympic Volleyball Tournament, the Volleyball World Cup, the World Cup, the World League and the Volleyball Champions Cup. Annual tournaments: the Grand Prix, the South American Championships and the Pan American Games. We also look forward to the national level tournaments related to the SUPERLIGA da Seria A.

Rating of Volleyball Teams in 2022

This table shows the best teams that you can bet on. Study in detail the information below so as not to miss the chance to place your most successful bet!

RankNational TeamWR Score

Tips for Successful Bets on Volleyball

Tips for Successful Bets on Volleyball

To place good bets on volleyball, you need to go beyond the basics. Is it important to know the rules? Yes, but it’s not enough. Below you will see 5 volleyball betting tips for 2022 on how to place high-quality bets on this sport. They are designed to help you with your learning. We strive to ask specific and relevant questions about volleyball only. So you can specialize in this sport.

The size of the court matters

It is true that the size of the court matters, but not only. You should also consider ceiling height, lighting and the number of spectators. This is even more important in competitions between teams. In many cases, the team is not used to the size of the court. Differences in this sense may interfere with some teams that are used to playing a certain type of game.

For example, the ball may take longer to reach the player who tries to score a point if the court is larger. Changing the size of the court from one competition to another can make it difficult to effectively sequence passes. The same goes for teams that are not used to making decisions, especially with a full house! We know that crowd pressure can unbalance some teams.

Therefore, it is better to rely on experienced teams. They are used to this kind of variation and noisy crowds.

Look at the team

As mentioned above, there are several passes in volleyball that lead to the success of a set. Don’t look so much at individuality. Not always a particular player will matter alone. Therefore, it may be better to bet on teams that have played together for several seasons.

The Olympic Games affect national leagues

The Olympic Games are the largest competition in volleyball, although they are held only every 4 years. All athletes in this sports dream to participate in it and, of course, to win. This is also reflected in the national leagues.

But how?

Firstly, because there are international competitions that give place at the Olympics. The World Cup, for example, gives 2. Thus, it is normal for national leagues to lose some of their best athletes in the qualifying stages of this tournament. At this time, it is important that you try to check as much information about the national leagues as possible. At home, more attention is paid to tournaments in which the main athletes perform. Perhaps they “made a mistake” when calculating the chances for smaller tournaments.

Small tournaments can be of great value

In volleyball, both small and large competitions can have a balanced value. In the case of small tournaments, betting sites are not always dedicated to them. But how can you take advantage of this? Consider the previous advice. When the betting website pays less attention to the tournament, the accuracy of the odds may decrease. 

Think about the European competition that is not so so famous. You happen to accompany it, regardless of the reason. You notice that the outcome of an event has unrealistic chances compared to the real chances that it will happen. In other words: the odds of betting with a margin are higher in small volleyball competitions.

Bets on the beginning and end of the season are beneficial to you

Betting at the end of the volleyball season is good because you will match the priorities of the team.

The main competitions are knockouts. This reduces the number of matches and allows you to determine which matches are worth betting on. In addition, you can determine which teams are just “filling in” the table, and which ones are really playing for a goal. Quite the contrary: betting on the first rounds of the season also has its advantages. Since many events take place at the same time, betting sites may not guarantee real chances of matches. Use your experience to find mistakes made by betting sites that can benefit you.

Parimatch Application for Betting on Volleyball

Parimatch Application for Betting on Volleyball

Parimatch has good news for players who like to play on mobile devices and want to bet on volleyball with even greater convenience — the company provides a mobile application for Android and a mobile version through the browser. 

You can easily find it on the Parimatch website by selecting the menu on the left side of the screen. The browser version can be accessed directly from your device’s browser. To download the volleyball betting app in India, just tap on the left menu of the screen and then the Android Apps button. Finally, follow the on-screen instructions and that’s it!

The app has a design and color organization very similar to the desktop version of Parimatch. It is responsive and convenient for mobile devices. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your favorite game at hand!

Bonus for Betting on Volleyball

Bonus for Betting on Volleyball

For everyone who wants to bet on volleyball, Parimatch offers the opportunity to receive a free welcome bonus of 12,000 rupees. To receive the bonus, you need to make the first minimum deposit of 300 rupees to the cashier. The wagering conditions that you need to fulfill before withdrawing money for betting are as follows:

  • The bet is five times the bonus amount;
  • Place bets on matches with odds from 1.5 and above;
  • Do it within one week.

If the money is not delivered within seven days, you will lose it. Your personal information must be verified before funds can be withdrawn from your account.


  • Is it possible to place bets on several matches at once?

    Of course! By the way, this process is known as the accumulation of bets or multiple bets. These bets involve placing several bets at the same time, that is, including multiple guesses of the results in the same sheet. However, betting in this way comes with a lot of risks, given that all combined results must take place to win the full bet.

    The advantage of this type of betting is that it can multiply profits, but if the result is negative, it can also harm the player. However, there are no problems with betting on the same game. There are no limits in sports betting. You have the opportunity to make different combinations of matches and play with different betting options in addition to or in addition to betting on the final results.

  • What are the ways to contact Parimatch support?

    There are four ways to contact Parimatch support if you have any questions. Firstly, live chat allows you to communicate with an agent directly through the platform. You can also send an email or reach out to the company’s representatives via Telegram and WhatsApp.

  • What is the overall impression of the Parimatch?

    Parimatch has an excellent online platform that combines simplicity and quality for the user. When we talk about bonuses, the company knows how to provide attractive offers. Although bonuses can be difficult to understand, their values are very attractive. The variety of games for both sports betting and casino is great. The number of events and games that Parimatch offers allows you to have fun for many hours.

  • Can third parties access my information?

    No. Parimatch ensures that all data is encrypted, and only the owners can access it. Third parties will not be able to access any information.

  • Why do I need to verify my account?

    This is a standard security procedure for legitimate gambling sites, ensuring that information or money will not be available to anyone but you.

  • Can I change my bet even after placing it in the coupon?

    If you placed a bet in the coupon and want to change it, you can cash it out and add another bet to the coupon.